About Remote 'n Active

About Remote 'n Active

🌟 The Mission

Let us create an amazing Remote Work Environment,
so we can all live a well-balanced life.

I believe Remote Work is one of the greatest ongoing revolution that can truly transform our professional, social and private lives.

By giving workers the freedom to choose how and when to conduct their work a fascinating new field opens up creating space for a healthy combination of work and private time.

Meetings can be conducted while taking your dog for a walk, or starting the day with breakfast with the family instead of commuting hours to the office are only some benefits remote workers are enjoying.

But, there are still many challenges to conquer.

For example:

  • How do you create a social connection to colleagues you do not see at the water-cooler ?
  • What does team-culture mean without having in-person events ?
  • How do we strengthen team morale with distributed people ?

These crucial questions have to be addressed now in order to lay the foundation for a future-ready organization.

💫 Guiding Values

❤️ 100% self-funded

I truly believe in helping remote workers, which is why I am fully invested. I value freedom & flexibility, therefore I have decided not to focus on external funding.

🗽 Independent

I am a solo-founder working on my own terms.

⚖️ Balanced

I believe in steady and healthy progress over trying to grow by X % every quarter.

🌍 Give back

I believe businesses can play a critically important role in helping fight climate change, that's why I have made the commitment to donate 5% of the revenue to sustainable projects. More info on the Remote 'n Active Stripe Climate Pledge.

🤷🏽 Understood. But why should you care?

"Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions..." - Dalai Lama

Switching to a remote or hybrid environment is not as simple as it seems.

You can not just send your team home, install slack and expect things everyone to be happy and productive.

A change in mindset & culture is needed.

Rethink your company culture in a way that ensures your employees feel they are part of an organization that appreciates, values and integrates them as a team.

If your company culture goes down the hill guess who will logg off first?

Yes, your precious team.

💡 What is the solution?

Human-centered empowerment in a digital world.

Remote 'n Active is a Digital Hub / Service for remote workers.

You will get hands-on, actionable advice you can implement.

By this, you can create a modern team culture, making you ready to conquer the current and future working age.

Who is behind the company?

👋🏾 Meet the Founder

Hi, I'm Jesse

I made my first Remote Work experience back in 2015 and have experience in fully-remote work as well as working full-time in an organization making the switch from office-only to 1 day home-office, to a hybrid work structure.

I am currently working as a fully remote entrepreneur.

Furthermore, I've personally experienced the downside of feeling disconnected as a remote team member and loosing motivation during the shift away from the office.

Which is why I methodically gathered remote team activities like suitable Slack apps, virtual sports possibilities, countless icebreakers and much more.

I shared my tips & tricks with the team, and they loved it!

As I love helping people, I decided to share my knowledge on the internet.

I then went on to found Remote 'n Active out of my passion for helping people at the intersection of work culture & technology.

I post regular updates on remote work, my business and related topics on LinkedIn feel free to reach out.

Thank you for reading this far!


I invite you to start diggin' into the fascinating intersection of remote work and team building by reading "The Essential Guide to Remote Team Activities".

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