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Problem: It's easy to feel a little disconnected

⚡ "Workers report more anxiety and stress" -
- Forbes Is Working Remote A Blessing Or Burden? at
😩 "Remote Workers Feel shunned and left out"
- Harvard Business Review A Study of 1,100 Employees at
🤹 "Organizations will have to adjust their practices to capture potential productivity gains from remote work"
- Future of Remote Work McKinsey Global Institute at

That's why it's time to be active

Team Spirit

Get to know your remote team on a personal level with modern alternatives to the water-cooler


Great teams create great work and thrive together

Positive Vibes

Keep your remote work day positive with exciting tools and apps

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What Customers say

Remote Team Building is super effective and can increase productivity.
Finally available as a Service!

"During my remote work as a media supervisor in an international advertising agency and later as a marketing specialist in a large financial organization, I often felt tired, drained and isolated.

I often had little time, a full to-do list, the frustration increased, my productivity decreased.

That's why I methodically gathered remote team activities like suitable Slack apps, virtual yoga, a multitude of icebreakers for the virtual coffee for me and the team.

The atmosphere in the team then became so much better, and I have noticed how much more productive I became.

I am an absolute team player and was happy to have a connection with my team again, even though we weren't all in the office.

After numerous conversations, I realized that other team leads and team members were struggling with the same problems.

That's why I now want to help others with my service!

I'm looking forward to getting in touch!"


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