Find Remote Activities In Under 60 Seconds

Find Remote Activities In Under 60 Seconds

It's becoming increasingly important to maintain a happy & productive team.

Which is why we have created this time-saving resource for you.

A dynamic online list with 85+ tools, apps and activities for your remote team

Here is your free example with 10 items

Who is this for ?

  • Remote Team Leaders who want to save time and do want to spend hours on Google searching for things to do
  • HR Managers who want to inspire their teams and provide the company with hands on information to implement straight away
  • Innovators searching for the next cool tool, app or emerging topic in the field of remote team building

How it works

  • Research - Curated list of tools, activities and apps from all across the web (Googled for you)
  • Filters - Easy to use filters to find the information you need in no time
    For example

What to do

Effect of Activity

  • Support - Human email support in case any questions come up

It's as easy as that!

Here is the complete list!

Jesse Khala

Jesse Khala

I'm Jesse, the founder of I'm excited about remote work and want to inspire you & other remote workers with news, jobs, and trends so you can thrive as a remote worker.